My Banana/Milo Concoction...!


So I have this banana/Milo concoction that I have been making since forever. I was just about to make one for myself this morning, after I attempted to convince myself that I needed a shower, talked myself out of it, tried to do homework/assignment and once again managed to talk myself out of something extremely necessary for a year 7 student. Anyway, back to my world famous within my house concoction, I decided that I would experiment and show all you guys!


Ok, so here we go...

Step 1: Ingredients.

You will need:

1 banana. I don't care what size. Speaking of random food sizes I (drumroll please!) made a brownie. Yesterday. With a friend from school! The recipe told us we needed, and I quote, "Two Extra Large Eggs". WHAT?! Since when do eggs have 'sizes'?! Ok, moving on...

Two-ish/Three-ish or more scoops of ice-cream. It depends on how thick you want it to be.


Milo!!! Only about three LOADED tea-spoons. Is there any other way?

Honey. Approximately one squirt. (I don't know any of these cooking terms!)

As far as equipment goes you will need a tall plastic tupperware container, a skizzer (the tall thingy-ma-doover on the far right), a spoon and that's about it. Oh! A cup! Unless you want to drink out of the aforementioned plastic container. I'm not judging!

Step 2: Stick your (peeled!) banana and your two-ish three-ish scoops of ice-cream into the tall plastic container thingy.

Step 3: First of all, a big thank you to my wonderful mother. Leave a comment if you think she makes a wonderful milk-pouring-model! Pour in milk until it seems like it would kind of fill a cup once it was blended in. I bet your all sitting behind you screens mocking my lack of cooking skills.

Step 4: Milo! Yum... It's not called Mmmmilo for nothing! I'm sorry. Ignore me... As I said before, three LOADED teaspoons. Pile it up. You get a virtual round of applause (and my infinite respect) if you can manage to get the Milo up the handle. :) 

Step 5: Honey. Don't over do it. We all know honey doesn't taste that great.

Step 6: You skiz that banana/Milo-milkshake/smoothie! Don't stick it to the bottom and overheat/almost break it like I did. It doesn't go well.

Step 7: ENJOY!!! And not to be the party pooper or anything, but you should probably pack up...

Brianna :)

Hope you enjoyed today's post! The last picture was my first experiment with A Beautiful Mess (the app) and I love it!


  1. Your mum makes a great milk pouring model! I read this post to Toby because he was sitting next to me and he said, and I quote, "Good job Brianna, but you need to share it with me!!"

    1. Haha! Thanks... Love ya Tobster! Sorry bud... I drank it all myself! :) Mwuahaha!


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