About me!

I'm Brianna (Manna?) and my life goal is to entertain people. Suck up or not, I love making people happy! You smile? I smile. Wow. Now I sound like a TV ad. Lets roll with it...

"Read this blog now, for hours of entertainment! Comes with *BONUS* unnecessary teenage emotion! Scroll down the page as I either tell you what's goin' down in my faaabulous life, have a fangirl moment or enlighten you with the meaning of life!* Call now on 1800 blah blah blah!"
*No guarantees that what I consider the meaning of life to be is the same as what you think the meaning of life is.

Well there you go. Maybe I'll give you a second to readjust to the crazy lil world you just stepped into...

I write because I stumbled across a bunch of blogs through Pinterest and it looked like a lot of fun. Yeah Brianna, start a website because, 'it looks fun'! Nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan! Shut up Bobbie. (Yes, I named the voice in my head Bobbie). I blog because it's a great tool to explore the world with. I've learnt a bunch and I've been able to talk to a bunch of awesome-acated people that I hadn't even heard of before I started, 'Denim and Daisy Chains'. Well that was a cliché, 'Why I started blogging!' paragraph...

I'm also a proud member of, 'The Skittles Club'! Go and read, it's literally the coolest thing that's ever happened in my life, I RECEIVED A LETTER OFF WRIGLEY, THE SKITTLES COMPANY! Go over and join the club, just click this button to be transferred to our website! (Made by me and Brittany, my fab bestest friend/cousin!)

 photo Club-Button_zps3884338a.jpg
What can YOU get out of this arrangement though?! 'Coz lets face it, we're all slightly self centred. I'd love it if you hung out for a while, I promise you won't regret it! As my slogan I just made up this very second goes,

"We aim to entertain!"

It even RHYMES!!!

Here's a link to some of my best work, so you can dive deeper into the random craziness of my blog!

A Different, 'YOU'!
- Sunflower Blogger Award
- Skittles Letter
- Skittles REPLY!
- Ode to Tissues

- Manna! :D

P.S. Shoot me a comment if there's any post you particularly love or if there's something you wanna see more of! Yay!


  1. You've got a great blog :D
    Been reading some of your posts they're funny and so entertaining you do aim to entertain :D :P
    You named your voice inside your head XD that's cool..I made it into a whole other person no one other than me can see...
    I entered expressionless on your blog and am leaving with a smile..so thanks :)
    PS - new follower :)

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

    1. Thank you so much Neil! You have no idea how much I love getting feedback on my work. Yup, Bobbie and me are pals, and that's really cool! I'm really glad I made your day a little bit better! :D


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