20 Things You Might Not Know About Me Blog Tag!

I was tagged by Sarah to write this post... :D

This is me all dolled up for our school social last term... Ok, here are ze questions!

1. How tall are you?

I have no idea...:') I'm average height I guess. This is like when people ask how much I weigh, and I'm just like, 'I'm a soon to be teen who likes food. I'm average weight. Why weigh yourself?" I don't get it. So many girls know their exact weight, right down to the decimal point!

2. Do you have a hidden talent?

Ummm, no. I sing a lil teeny bit but I'm not that fantabulous and I've never had a lesson, although I'd love to. Does being a fantastic speller count?! I feel so disadvantaged that I missed primary school. (I was homeschooled). The one and only reason? I never got to go in a spelling bee! Haha! Nah, homeschooling was pretty awesome.

3. What's your biggest blog related pet peeve?

This is by far the easiest. Sorry if I offend anyone... I know this is a popular trend. It bugs me so bad when people purposely leave out all capital letters in their posts, bio, etc. Ugh!

4. What's your biggest non-blog related pet peeve?

PEOPLE BEING HAPPY! UGH! It drives me crazy... Kidding! :) When people plonk themselves down on my bed after I just made it... Like, seriously. Why do you think I made it?! For exercise?!

5. What's your favorite song?

How 'bout top two? Easy! All Star by Smashmouth! :D I love it so much...  Ooh, ooh! In Your Arms by Nico and Vinz. It makes me sorta happy but at the same time the song plus video are sad... I don't know... I'm not even an overly emotional person!

6. What's your favorite Etsy shop, besides your own?

I don't use Etsy or have an Etsy shop... Sounds cool though!

7. What's your favorite way to spend free time when you're alone?

Singing into my hair brush, duh! just kidding. Do people ever sing into a hairbrush other than in the movies? I like reading... Rehearsing lines for the productions in my mirror is also up there. Watching these guys is also really fun! :)

8. What is your favorite junk food?

There are soooo many! I love mamee noodle snacks, dried mango coated in sugar powder, glazed donuts and of course, SKITTLES! :D

9. Do you have a pet, or pets?  If so, what kind and what are their names?

Mum said, 'No pets until you move out!' when I was 5, and she's sticking to it. My bro's desperate for a dog, so I think she just wants to get rid of us... 'Too much poop.' she says... 'And they're expensive!' 'But muuummm! Why can't I have a fish?!' 'Because.' We have this conversation often...

10. What are your #1 favorite fiction and non-fiction books?

I'm in love with Divergent and Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus... I'm not much of a non-fiction reader! :)

11. What's your favorite beauty product?

My BB foundation. Mainly coz it's the only one that doesn't make my face break out in a rash! :')

12. When were you last embarrassed? What happened?

So I wasn't listening while we were singing in the school production and ended up bursting into the chorus before we were supposed to... I got some funny looks...

13. If you could only drink one beverage (besides water) for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Mango juice or banana smoothie!

14. What's your favorite movie?

*Sigh* But it's so hard! Maybe Avengers... I don't know!

15. What were you in High-school? Prom queen, nerd, cheerleader, jock, valedictorian, band geek, loner, artist, prep?

Why don't they have a cray cray category? What about hyperactive? *Bursts into I'm So Fancy* "I'm so hypo, you already know! I'm in the fast lane, from LA to Tokyo!"

16. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Western Australia is super beautiful...

17. PC or Mac?

Don't care... Mum owns a PC... As long as it has internet! (My life motto!) :D

18. Last romantic gesture from someone?

I'm in year 7 guys... That means I'm 12 turning 13... 'Nuff said...

19. Favorite celebrity?

I like characters more the their actors if you know what I mean. I admire some people's acting skills though! Robert Downey Jr, is pretty fantabulous!

20. What blogger do you secretly want to be friends with?

I've chatted to Kate a little bit and her personality and blog are really great!

Complete! Yay! Here are the chicka's I tagged...

Georgina // Audrey // Xanthe // Emily

Enjoyyy! :D


  1. Briannaaaaa! We are like twins! Number Four, Number Seven, Number Ten and Number Fifteen! Giving you a follow! We are going to be bestie's sooner or later girl! Have a happy today:)
    xx June

  2. Thankssss June! Haha! You have no idea how happy this comment made me! Yeah, I'm following you on Bloglovin'. Do you have an Instagram account I could follow? :D


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