Face PAINting.

So I was thinking about how you can look at an event or time with two COMPLETELY different perspectives. Here is my day yesterday, showing the two different ways I could choose to look at what was happening! :D


Face painting. Emphasis on the PAIN. Ick. The heat, the kids and the smell of all that delicious, sugary yumminess that YOU can't have.

 Our drama group went to one of the local school's fete and we did face painting. SO. MANY. CHILDREN! Not that I don't love kids, (I still classify myself as one!) but some of them were being little bundles of [insert offensive word here].

Me: 'So sweetie, what would you like?'

Pain in the butt: 'I want a butterfly. Remember purple wings, blue body, pink sparkles, gold spots, no not that gold the other one! You forgot the antennae, they have to be gold too. No not the same gold as the body it has to be a different gold. NO! Ugh. You're doing it WRONG!'.

Ummm, excuse me?!

Ughhhh! The heat! The flies were constantly getting in your eyes, and the one, I repeat ONE bottle of water we had for the WHOLE day ran out straight away. I got home and just about died of exhaustion. I'm never doing that again!


Today my drama group got to go on a super fun trip to the local fete! I got to chat to heaps to all the other kids and get face painting tips off the older kids.

There were the occassional adorable ones. I painted on this little boy. I came over to him and said, 'Hi! Want to come over here so I can paint your face buddy?' and he reached out to hold my hand as we walked over! *Hyperventilating* SO CUTE!!! Can you tell I love small, adorable children?! He was super quiet and would only talk to his dad, but eventually he asked for a shark on his cheek. It was a silver, bloated, mouthless, dolphin-tailed shark, but his expression when he saw it in the mirror was priceless. He lit up like a Christmas tree. See what I did there? *Nudge nudge*. He got up and did a little dance, showing his parents as he walked off. That little kid made my day!

After all our hard work, that was well worth it, we got to go and get food! I had the best fairy-floss EVER and I got to wander around and see some friends. :D

It's kind of fun, maybe just for me, to be able to call kids 'sweetie' or 'buddy'. It makes you feel all grown up and mature! Haha! Don't mind me... :')

This was just kind of an experiment for me to look at the two different ways you can look at something... Positive is always the better choice!

Have you ever done face painting? Did you enjoy it? Leave a lovely comment!

Photo credit: Me Cookie via Photo Pin cc. Edited by Brianna DDC.


  1. I love getting my face painted. I never painted someone face for a good reason, I would mess that kid's face. Just saying. Anyway, nice post! X
    - June

    1. Haha! I'm really bad at it... *Fist pump* At least I tried! :D


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