Being Happy!

Not up until now did I realize how much we take for granted. I mean, an orange. What's so special about that? But hey, that's not a man-made flavour. It's completely natural. Can you imagine tasting an orange for the first time? The flavour is so rich and the texture is so beautiful and juicy. Mmmm... I just had one this morning (kind of the inspiration for this post) and really thought about it as I ate it. I now feel totally alert and inspired about life!

Here's one of my favourite quotes at the moment. It is off Pinterest and this quote is definitely going on my photo/picture string when I post a DIY on it. Ok, here we are:

I think this is great. Don't forget to be Awesome. Here's something to think about, what defines "Awesome"? Is it a feeling? Something you like? Something that 'everyone' likes? I feel awesome when I'm going out all dressed up. I feel good about myself, I'm confident and I'm happy. That, is an awesome feeling. Here's a picture of me dressed up for a school social. The theme was 'Heroes and Villians and I am someone from Camp Half Blood off Percy Jackson. (I did a post on Percy Jackson if you want to have a look-see!) 

So this is me. Feelin' awesome. *Cue dramatic head bobbing* This is one of the only photos I like of myself because when I look back at a photo I can normally remember whether I was genuinely happy or just trying to 'Fake it til you make it'. In this photo I was genuinely happy and no-one could make me feel any different. Just as a side note, the social was AWESOME! We had a professional DJ and at one point someone tried to crowd surf! It was so great.

Being happy, for me, isn't just an emotion. What I mean by that is I cant be happy one moment and sad the next. To be happy for me is to just feel peaceful inside and not be all stressed out and ready to snap at anyone and everyone! I tend to feel happy when all my stuff is out of the way, it's sunny and I can just chill, without worrying about a thing. I had one of those days a while back where I just sat and read Divergent all morning :).

What I'm getting at with all this is that being happy comes easily when you,

1) Appreciate the little things in life, like oranges!

2) Believe that you're awesome, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
3) Get all your stuff done, so you can stress less

And finally,
Leave time to do what makes you happy.

 Enjoy! :)

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