New things and stuff!

I've discovered a few new things recently. One of these is the wonderful sport that is touch football! Ugh. I've always hated it... Not that I'd ever played it, but I'm a pretty judgemental kinda gal... ;) Anyways,  we had a professional football player/trainer named Luke come to our school to do a footy program with the year 7's. Boys and girls do sport separately at our school but he said that on the last week of the 5 (4,6?) week program we could have a together game. That never happened, as it took the boys a whole period (50 minutes) just to get into teams! Sometimes I wonder about them...  But, back to the point, I got really into it and scored a try for the first time ever! Yay! Last Tuesday was like the first time I'd ever actually looked forward to sport. Now I have to learn how to kick the ball without hitting someone on the head... I actually passed the ball to a girl sitting on the ground and it bounced back and hit her on the head! So now you all understand how coordinated I am! So here's to trying new things. 

We're doing a school production (play) at the moment and I have three (small) roles. We have rehearsals every Wenesday and Thursday from 3:25 to 5:30 so I've been really worn out by the time I get home! My roles are...Drumroll please... Shaz (stuck up girly girl), a Greek cheerleader and Pugwash the pirate who just says, 'Undies?'. Sad, I know. I love being Shaz though because I've been practising my 'girly voice' and I rock that coz I'm a legend! BTW, I'm now the treasurer of my drama group and I'm super excited to start...!

Yet another new thing I did recently was waitressing with the lovely Britt! We recently did a play called Jack and Jill at the local arts centre (that's me as Marjory-Daw on the far right of that picture) and we have since been welcomed into the 'Arts Centre Community' which is pretty rad! Anyway, we were invited (as well as some more people from our school)  to waiter/waitress in exchange for being able to watch The Sound of Musik for free. We jumped at the opportunity but as the night got closer we started to freak out! How formal was the dress code? What if the (horribly ugly) braces we had to wear didn't fit? What if we stuffed up the serving? What if it was more fancy than we thought?! I was getting really nervous but I chose to take a breath and think of all the good things I could get out of it. It turned out amazing! Me and Brittany got to wait table number 8 which were all these lovely old ladies who we chatted to a bit. I served them all some water and then refilled their jug and after that we stood at the door and ushered everyone else to their correct tables. It was really fun to wear dress clothes, and we got fed some pretty yum food. I got to help prepare the food and the show was SOOOO FUNNY! It was one man on the piano and another man who played all the characters, sang in girl and boy voices and cracked quite a few jokes! They call themselves the Two Pauls and I loved their performance. After the night was over (by 10:30) I had started calling myself Sleepy Bri... But we got certificates which Lee (the lady hosting the event) said would go well on a résumé. It was awesome and it taught me not to fear the unknown, to look forward to it!

So. Now you know what I've been up to, how coordinated I am and that in the school play I'm a pirate that says 'Undies?'!

Tata! Bri xx


  1. I'm lovin it!! Such Drama... :)
    xx Britt

    (Free advertising, Thanks!! Hehehe)

    1. Ha ha Britt... Just know I have the right to spam your blog whenever I feel like it now! :)


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