Good Mythical Morning!

Because I am a random  kind of girl and this is a random kind of blog, I will be introducing you guys to Good Mythical Morning! If you have already heard of Good Mythical Morning,
1) You're amazing, and
2) Infinite virtual hi-fives to you!

 So basically it's just a YouTube show where two guys (Rhett and Link) sit and either play games,complete challenges, discuss things or do random stuff, such as their Pasta Challenge, where they decided which one was the world's best pasta. Another cool thing they do is make songs and have rap battles.  I only recently discovered Rhett and Link and it is definitely my favourite YouTube channel ever. Seriously, go check it out. I'd tell you lots more, but then, why would you go watch it? Well, I hope you enjoy Good Mythical Morning as much as I do (I sat and watched about 10 episodes in a row) and I'll talk to you guys soon!