Spring Tomorrow!!!

These daffodils are growing in our garden.

They are super gorgeous and as it's spring tomorrow I thought that I'd tell you all how excited I am.

10 Reasons I Love Spring...

1 // The flowers and the constant sunlight make any day better!

2 // You get to wear pretty dresses whenever you want!

3 // I got a pair of super cute denim overalls earlier this month and I can't wait to wear them!

4 // Two words. Ice. Cream.

5 // It's not too hot.

6 // It's not too cold.

7 // Bike rides around town.

8 // Can't wait to swim!

9 // No longer having to wear one singlet, one long sleeve shirt, one t-shirt, two jumpers and a scarf to school! :D

10 // The sun staying out longer so I can swing outside instead of holing up inside at night! Haha!

Here's to spring! Enjoy! xx


  1. You missed all the beautiful pink trees lining the streets as you walk through town. That is my favorite bit about spring!


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