Poeming it up!

The night before last we had some pretty heavy rain, thunder booming and lightning going ballistic. Although everyone else in the house had no trouble drifting off into dream-land I laid awake well past 11. I was pretty desperate and decided to write a short poem... Sure enough I had no trouble falling asleep after that! Here 'tis!

You see the clouds darken, the contrast is breath-taking.
It's nice to have a change..
The storm is beautiful.
The wind feels nicer. Cooler.
The rain starts to pitter pitter on the roof and the window.
Then it starts to pour.
It makes the earth smell different. Better.
I love the smell of wet earth...
The sky turns black and the thunder booms.
The lightning slices through my blinds.
The storm is wonderful.


It's my goal to write poetry more often. Hopefully I'll improve my skills... I'll have another blogpost up on Monday, 'Touring Through Blog Land'. Keep your eyes peeled! 

xx - Brianna

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