Touring Through Blogland!

Hiya lovelies! 

How are we all? I'm soooo glad it's spring. I'm enjoying taking pictures of all the beautiful flowers. If you follow me on Instagram you probably picked up on this...;) 

Anyway, I was invited by the coolest chicka, Brittany, to participate in 'Touring Through Blogland'! It's kinda a chain letter through all the lovely people in the blogosphere and at the end of this post I'm able to invite three more gorgeous girls to participate! See how it works?! Here are the awesome questions that I get to answer for you all:

1 // What am I working on?

I'm assuming this means on the blogging front! :) Sooooo... Um. I guess I'm working on,

a) Setting up a bit of a blogging schedule and getting myself organised. My blogging has been a little bit all over the place... and,

b) Working out what I'm trying to do with my blog. What are my goals?! At the moment I'm not even sure what genre it is! Haha! :)

c) Eating healthier, exercising  and having a screen free day a week. Yeah. Those goals are hard. Actually, after this post I will be limiting my screens for the week, so, tata! xx

2 // How does my work differ from others in it's genre?

Ehem. So as I stated earlier, (see answer b) I'm not even sure what genre I'm part of! But I guess I'm just a budding blogger trying out a few things. I'm just an individual doing what I feel like! If I feel like writing a thank you note to tissues I do it! (Yes, I actually did that in a recent post). Sometimes I feel like I need to DIY's. Then I remember that I'm not a crafty person. Occassionally I want to do a room tour. Then I realise it looks like a bomb hit it. I'm just a normal girl and I don't pretend to be someone else through blogging! 

3 // Why do I write/create what I do?

Because I love it! Unless I pressure myself. Then I love it less. It's fun to put your thoughts out there and chat to other people. I love the feeling of success you get when you complete a post you genuinely enjoyed writing!

4 // How does my writing/creating process work?

Sometimes, (ok, a lot) I write posts in my PJ's. With my hair sticking out all over the shop. Slouching ungracefully in a chair. I bet you're all reading this like, "Brianna, you're so classy!".That's what I choose to believe anyway. This occassionally works well, but not very often. The two things that really help me out are:

a) A snack and a nice cool (or warm,depending on the season) drink. These are mango juice/ice-tea and chai latte respectively. Which means in the order stated before. I think. I've never really understood the word respectively. 'Hey guys! Lets go with my random definition! Yeah! That's a fantastic idea!'.

b) Music! Yeah yeah! I'm jamming (stereotypically might I add) to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, Waves by What's-his-name-DJ-someone-or-other, Geronimo by Sheppard (?) and Shower by Becky G. Not stereotypical at all...

There are many more (like surrounding myself with prettiness and rainbow), but that's all I can think of. :)

Now, for the awesome part: Three more girlies just like me are going to complete this exact post! Here they are...

The totally unique Xanthe! I love her blog, Blame the cat blog, and her Instagram account. Her original style is soooo cool! I loved her poem she put on her Instagram a little while back... Definitely go check her blog out!

Kim and Holly, the writers of a bunny blog! Their whole blog and design is super-duper gorgeous! xx Go sneak a peak at their wonderful work!

The super lovely Olivia of Olivia Rosebud Blog! She is one of my amazing followers and her blog is an adorable overload. Go have a look-see!

These gals will all post a 'Touring Through  Blog Land' post next Monday and tag three more gorgeouses!



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