Successfully Instagraming!


Recently I have been loving Instagram. Sharing all the photos I take with all the awesome people that follow me is soooo fun! :) Today's post is all about...

Getting from this:

 To this:

Tips for getting a gorgeous Instagram photo! 

1- Use a good quality camera. Not an iPod touch. For the photo above I used an iPhone 4s.

2- If it's a photo of an object find a nice background. Often I use a plain white sheet of paper.

3- If it's a photo of plants etc, try not to get anything else but the subject in the photo. Your beautiful photo of a rose bush will not be enhanced by your dad's car in the background. (Unless he has a Kombi van, in which case, photo away!).

4- If it's a little dark, brighten it a little in the Instagram app! Sure you won't be able to write, #nofilter, but that never killed anyone!

And last but not least,

5- Take time to find the angle you like the best! No cropping out parts of the picture! 

Do you have any photography tips? Comment below! :)

Happy Instagraming! Peace out!

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  1. Very cool tips! I'll be sure to keep them in mind next time I pull out my camera :)

    And on a side note, I'm a greeter for Teenage Blogger Central (this is how I found your blog!) and just wanted to say that it has been a great place to be, and we are trying to get our members to add one of our lovely link buttons to their blogs so that other people can also discover and join the community, too. Please follow this link to add one to the sidebar or "About" section of your blog:

    Thanks, and have a great day!
    -Riley XO


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