Why my cousin is the most awesome person ever!

Today I am going to tell you just some of the reasons why my cousin Brittany is the most awesome cousin ever!

1// She is the wonderful person who did all the computer editing in Photoshop to make my awesome new header.
2// She shares chocolate with me.
3// She is super kind and gives out complements as much as she gives out chocolate.
4// She was the person who introduced blogging to me and has helped me whenever I need help with blog design.
5// She always gives me the best birthday and christmas presents because she knows exactly what I would love.
6// She laughs with me whenever we "understood that reference".
7// She understands when I am having a bad hair day.
8// She draws cute images for me when I am being slightly artistically challenged.
9// She always makes sure I am ok when people are not nice to me.
10// She is the best almost-sister in the entire world!!

They are just some of the reasons Brittany is so cool! Also how cool is the artwork above?? Credit to Laura Blythman. :D

P.S. Brianna would not log out of her account on my laptop so this is what happened.... But she totally agrees with this list!

xx Brittany

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