Dear Skittles!

 Good Morninggggg!

Today is so fantastic! I'm wearing my fave outfit (which is fab!), it's sunny out and I've got my music pumping! (Shake it off, shake it off!) Yesterday I was a teeny bit hyperactive and acting a smidge psycho, so I decided to Google the Skittle companies address. And write them a letter. Yup. i've always loved writing letters to strangers (like whoever reads this!) or fictional characters. I was going to write a letter to Tris but did this instead...(Divergent fans will understand). I shall soon write this out and post it! (In the mail...). Enjoy!

The Wrigley Company Pty. Ltd.
PO Box Locked Bag 3355
Hornsby NSW 1630

Dear Reader-of-Skittle-letters,

My name is Brianna and I looooove Skittles with a passion! :) Just letting you know, my birthday is the 28th of December...

So, just sayin', I would make a fantastic promoter for your product. Especially the purple ones. My order of preference goes like this: purple and red are tying first, then green, orange and finally yellow. I'm not a fan of yellow. I loved the blue tropical pack! the pink and blue were super good! All Skittles are downright fantastic! You probably know that, working at the Skittle company and all... What exactly IS your job? Are you just the Skittle letter reader?

You probably won't actually read this (or respond) and I'll just get an automated response, like:

"Dear Consumer,

We appreciate your feedback! Unfortunately we don't have time to personally reply to all letters, blah, blah, blah.

Signed, Skittles."

But there's hope! \(OoO)/  Maybe this will be like the movies and you will all be rushing around with my letter, 'We need to show this to the boss. Yes, the boss. Makes sure it gets there! This letter is extremely important!' In case you hadn't noticed, I'm an optimist. :)

So I'd love to promote your product. All I'm asking for is a life time supple of Skittles (preferably sour) in exchange for constantly promoting your product. I would take them everywhere. Except the bathroom. That would be totally not ok. I'd even post pictures on my Instagram!!! We could start a hashtag! *Gestures dramatically into distance* #skittlesforlife, #briannasrainbow or #overtherainbow! Skittles are my everything. Here's a photo already on my Instagram:

The caption? Here: Skittles. My love, my life, my all. I love you 'til death do us part.

Yup. I'm marrying Skittles. Once again, preferably sour. If that isn't dedication, what is?

So, here's the bottom line. You give me a life time's worth of Skittles and I'll start a hashtag. Bonus: I'll love you forever!

Hope this brightened up your day, Mystery-Skittle-letter-reader!

Byeeee! - Brianna!

P.S. If you have nothing better to do, can you please describe what these taste like for me? Thanks a million!

Well there we go. Whaddya think? If I get a reply I'll let you guys know! :)

Who should I write to next? Leave a comment!


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  1. Haha this is fab! I hope you get your lifetime supply of skittles :)
    - F -


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