Me: The Perfectionist.

Hola! (I'm not even Spanish... I just watch Dora... :') Only occasionally! Don't judge!)

I am succchhhh a perfectionist, but only with certain things.

Messy bedroom? I'm a teenager! I can do what I want! (As long as my mum says it's ok).

Messed up bed? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Fix it! Fix it! FIX IT!

I literally have to make sure the doona cover is perfectly straight with zero ripples, lumps and/or bumps in it. The pillows have to be put on the bed in the right order: Sleeping pillows, big puffy square pillows, sleeping pillow sized not sleeping pillows and then the baby square pillow directly in the middle.

Then there are other things, where I'll care too much one minute and then throw all careful out the window! (I'm pretty sure careful can't be used in that context. Oh well!).

Just one of these is my handwriting. One minute I'll be throwing a silent tantrum because my writing isn't perfect, and the next I'll be happily jotting anything down completely illegibly. ;)

Sometimes I try so hard to do something imperfectly that I freak out that it's too perfect, therefore being a perfectionist regarding imperfection.

*Sigh* Life is hard... There are so many layers to being a perfectionist!

What are you a perfectionist about?


P.S. The photo up top I took when I went on one of my many strolls with Britt! We took it outside the local pool, 'coz there's nothing sketchy about two teen girls having a mini photo shoot on the side of the road...;) Anyway, I'm in love with it! Haha!

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