Manna's Maniacal Monday, Mark 1!

Me being a psycho. Just the norm! Staying true to my title, that's all!

That title though... Alliteration much?! :) So, guys. YOU are witnessing something that has never happened in the (almost) 13 years I have been alive!!! Astonishing really... I am following through on a goal! I said a couple of posts back that I'd like to do a "Try it Tuesday" but re-thought it and hence we have, drum roll please, "Manna's Maniacal Monday!". Manna being my nickname from when I was little! Well, little-er... (See what I did there? How To Train Your Dragon reference...!)

So this is almost 4(?) weeks late but, I'm here now! Heyyy!

So this wasn't actually today, but, I TRIED WASABI! I swear, I can think so much in a teeeeeeny period of time! Here's my thought process at the time of the wasabi... (Totally making a movie, 'Wasabi-An Epic Adventure!').

1. I'm scared!
2. Oh, it's just like this? What's the big deal?!
4. Can your tongue dissolve?!
5. Who would help me get to the sick bay/hospital?
7. It's gone. Where'd it go?

And finally, being me,


I was one of the only kids that tried it in my tech class so I sorta felt like some kind of 'chosen one'. Haha! My friends were all asking me, 'Are you ok?!' and I was so confused! They then told me that I had been crying! Boy, that was some strooooong stuff! Haha...

I also (not today, *insert guilty face*) started a blog with mah bestieee! WOOT WOOT! Go check it out, full credit to Britt. I'm going to be honest... I did zero. NADA! Zilch. I'm just the chick who writes posts...  So apparently that's an author. She did the tech stuff and photos! *Subconsciously switches into 5 year old mode* Tan-tu Britt! *Kissy face* Mwah!

Ooh, ooh! Pick me! Jokes, you don't have a choice, you're already reading this. I ATTEMPTED (AND FAILED) TO SPEAK TO THE NEW KID! Failed epically. May have scared him a lil bit... Pfft, no! It's the thought that counts though. Had to sit next to him in PDHPE. *Awk-ward!*.

Awesomenesss! Enjoy school tomorrow! 'Hahaha! No Brianna, no.'. Leave a comment, what should, 'Wasabi-An Epic Adventure' be about? Go ahead, make my day! Haha!

Byeee! :D

P.S. So excited! Just gotta make a YouTube account and you guys can all see me via video! Or, if we're going to be dramatic about it, *drum roll* 'IN THE FLESSSHHHH!'. Have you noticed I love drama? TTFN, Tata for now!

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