The stages of Snapchat!

If you tell anyone you send the same Snapchat's to besties AND random kids in your class, you sit on a throne of lies. Or you're just slightly crazy. Here's the stages of my less than faaabulous Snapchat's.

Family. Meh. They see your face enough. 'Yeah, sure mum. I'm ready to be picked up. Here's a picture of my feet!'.

'Hey! :)' Definitely for friends, 'frenemies' (I know, it's so old!) or just those people in your class that you talk to,but you're not exactly 'friends'. Just my casual smile... Preferably filtered. If it's really bad I change it to black and white! Sad, but it makes a difference!

Bestiesss! 'YAY! Can't wait 'til you come over!' Brittany gets Snapchat's WAAAYYYY worse than this, but I though, 'Hey, this is the world wide web. Maybe I shouldn't post pictures of myself in all my-dingy-lighting-double-chinned-crazy-eyed glory! Pure genius! I'm sure my mum will appreciate that... Nah, I'd love to be honest with you and not have to trick you guys into thinking I'm a normal, good looking person, but sadly I can't. Honestly, my Snaps are that bad, someone could probably blackmail me with them! :') Haha!

Leave a comment down that-a-way! ^ Sorry there's no upside down arrow so you'll just have to either:

a) Stand on your head, or
b) Flip your computer upside down.

Let me know, who do you send your fabulously horrible selfies to?


Creds to Britt's photography!


  1. You're lucky I love you too much to use your snaps for blackmail! But then again.. You have plenty to blackmail back with! :D These pictures are pretty great, if I do say so myself. They make me super happy!

    1. HAHA! Yes! I'm thinking of a certain photo, taken after a certain party... :') I love these photos too! I like it better when you take them because you know how I want them to look!

  2. I don't have a snapchat, but I love taking selfies! My mom thinks I'm crazy, but hey it's fun! Also photobomb-ing is fun too. X
    - June

    1. I know right?! Occasionally my terrible selfies lower my self esteem, but oh well... Photo bombing is great! :)


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