Hey, like my new profie piccie? :) >>>

I have kept you waiting on this forever, but it's fabulous, and fabulous takes time and effort! :D I now have, dun, dun, dun, DUUUUNNNN! My Sunflower Blogger Award up on... YOUTUBE! Yippee! Hope you guys enjoy!

Sorry not sorry for the cover! Actually, you're welcome! Hopefully my lovely facial expressions brighten up your day... Magnificent really. We tried to change it (do you know how much research that took?!) but to no avail... Haha!

Thanks Britt for filming perfectly (even though your legs went purple with orange polkadots) and editing this, which took aaaaages!

I nominate...

// Georgina 
// Georgia
// Xanthe
// India
// Audrey
// The lovely lady from Mixed Berries Blog!

The questions are...

1. What's your favourite word?
2. Do you prefer taco's or burritos?
3. What were the top 3 things that made you happy today?
4. In your family (at Christmas) do you open presents or eat breakfast first?
5. Do you find it easier to talk to guys or girls?
6. Do you make fun of ads for drama shows on TV? (Occassionally if at all?)
7. How many cousins do you have?
8. On a scale of 6.2 to 91.78 how interesting is your life? (You may do 1 to 10 if you like... :D)
9. What was the best school project you have ever done?
10. What's you BIGGEST pet peeve?

You may answer via post or video. You then nominate anywhere between 2-10 people and then come up with some questions for the nominees. Coolies!


P.S. Did you see that slow-mo though,,,? :P


  1. OH MY GOD BRIANNA! This made me crack up! "Why have two when you can have four?" hahahahhaha!
    Yours in laughter, Georgina

    1. Haha! Thanks Georgina! Considering making a t-shirt... :P


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