You know those moments when life is super duper perfect? They're the bomb! Some of these things make me so happy and thankful for my life.

1- Laughing with friends until your choking and begging them to stop.
2- Going on fair rides with friends and screaming your head off.
3- Watching girly movies with a bag of Doritos.
4- Cooking and licking the spoon while jamming out to your, 'sick beats'.
5- Getting a funny, 'tbh' off a friend.
6- Creating an inside joke, like, 'Yes. This is now an inside joke!'
7- Thinking of something profound, or something you think is profound...
8- Something going way better than expected.
9- Having one of those lessons where you laugh and laugh, don't get much work done and the teacher doesn't mind.
10- Discovering something amazing, e.g. Good Mythical Morning.

What's your favourite thing/moment/celebration/whatever? Leave a coooomment, yeeeah! *In the tune of 'You Should Be Dancing'*

Byeee! X


  1. Gosh, yes, I love these "bomb" moments - they're the best! :)

    xx Nicole Rose

    1. Yes there are! I love your comments Nicole. :)

  2. Yes bomb moments are the bomb. See what I did there? Okay that's fine. Great post!

    A Little Bit Of Sunshine

    1. Hehe! Thanks Noor. Just went and checked out your blog! I saw that you left your blog address at the bottom. If you like, you can google 'how to leave a weblink in a comment' and the first result will make it much easier for you. Enjoy! X


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