Moving- Blogs AND Houses!

*Throws glitter and totally-not-cliché confetti everywhere* *Fireworks go off in the background while 'Celebrate' booms out the loud speakers*.


I'm changing my blog name! I AM SO PUMPED!!!

My awesome aunty is re-designing my blog as a birthday present! She had a blog for aaaages and I'd link to it, but sadly she got rid of it. *sobs* : (

Aaaanyways, It's going to be all rainbow-y/pop-art-y! I've JUST jazzed up my about page, and now I'm either going to have to transfer it or make a whole new one. I'm planning to write lots of posts these holidays, and I've been pretty productive so far. *Applause* Stop, stop, you guys are embarrassing me...  This is the link to my Pinterest page where I've been collecting pictures, illustrations and fonts! I've been totally procrastinating writing a post, because,

'Pffft, who even cares? I'm moving anyway...'

Speaking of moving, not only am I possibly moving blogging platforms, I have actually moved. Houses. Yup. We were house sitting and now the owners have returned, we are living with Brittany and her family! Our room is all set up cutely and I have adopted her brothers as mine, though we're cousins. After I accidently called her youngest brother, 'bro' I sat them down. The conversation went a little like this:

Me: Ehem. I have an announcement to make!
Them: *Blank stares*
Me: From now on you are all my, 'bros'.
Them: Oh, ok... *Leaves*

They love me.

Aaaanyway, my birthday is on the 28th of December and we are travelling to the coast on the 21st. YAYAYAY! I'm thinking about spending the day in the city and/or at the beach. All I know for sure is that once I wake up I'm opening presents off my parents and my brother (though I doubt he's gotten anything!) and then I'm going down to a café near the beach and having a milkshake before I go swimming. *Sigh* So much fun. I'm also going to go into the city which will be fun as well. Visualize trains, prettified graffiti, cafés and book stores! Be prepared for photos!

I can't wait for Christmas! I am looking forward to a long, Christmas-Eve-y walk, looking at all the awesome Christmas lights! I made little cards saying, 'I love your lights display!' etc. I also am about to sticky (washi?) tape candy canes to them. Then, I can slip them in peoples mailboxes and pretend I'm in a dramatic movie. Fun times! I'll do it tomorrow night (Saturday) because we're going light walking with Brittany's family and some other friends. Mum and I put our heads together and made a Christmas light scavenger hunt, so that's what we'll be doing! I'll get an opportunity to slip my 32 envelopes into 32 mailboxes then.

Have an awesome Saturday tomorrow guys, lots of people love you! :D



  1. Redesigning? you mean it'll look even more better than it does now?? :D
    Happy Holidays to you too :D

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

  2. Welcome back! I can't wait!

  3. We have the same birthday. O_O ... *intense happy dance* ~(>.<)~

    Happy holidays. <3

    xx Nicole Rose


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