It's a kikki.K kinda day!

Excuse me while I dust off the key board...

Yes, yes, I've been away a while. Oops?

I am super duper psyched for the holidays! Six whole weeks of nothing exciting activities and being productive!

Yesterday was the last day of school for me (YAYAYAYAYAY!) and my lovely friends are threw a party. At lunchtime. At school. They're funny ones! My birthday is on the 28th but they insisted on giving me early presents since I won't see them and decided on no par-tay! *Psychic-ly puts fingers to temples* I predict Skittles. Yup. They ALL bought Skittles! They all were delegated a food/drink to bring and it was fuuuuun!

Back to my kikki.K kinda day though. kikki.K is just a tad out of my budget but my super generous mum (who has spent way to much money randomly on me considering it's almost Christmas) bought me and Brittany these super cute nooooote paaaaads! <---- You have to sing it.

We decided earlier that we were going to write an entry a day in a holiday journal and then share it with each other and (possibly) you! Would you wanna see mine?

'Read this BEATEN UP and MESSY journal! Comes complete with messy handwriting, random scribbles and *BONUS* lolly wrappers and receipts! Get in fast for this LIMITED EDITION holiday notebook! First 100 callers receive an uncensored copy complete with random teenage emotions over nothing in particular! Call now on, 1800 678 343!'*

*Not a real number, please don't call! :'D

Sounds fab, huh?

It'll be great to look back on! My mum is so proud, she's been trying to get me to keep a journal foreeeever... Hehe!

I could make a video, or a series of photos... Comment if you think a holiday journal tour would be cool. I promise it'll be entertaining! (Read description above) :D


  1. aww thats so nice of your friends! enjoy your time off, im jealous! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. Thanks Amy! I know! They're lovely. I am loving having all this time to blog and be productive! X


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